Tetra Pak Spiraflo Tubular Heat Exchanger: Manufacture: Tetra Pak; Model: Spiraflo MT-85; Serial number: 173113 01-14; Vessel duty: Sterilization of milk 


TA VTIS — Introducing direct heating by steam infusion. Tetra Pak Tetra Pak offer our customers the technology best suited to achieve Tetra Spiraflo® MT.

Tetra Spiraflo brings you optimal performance c Tetra Spiraflo® is a tubular heat exchanger that has been successfully used by the liquid food industry for more than 15 years. Tetra Spiraflo brings you optimal performance by combining straight and corrugated tubes. It is very flexible and adaptable for the processing of viscous products, particulate products and products with fibres or pulp. Tetra Pak Tetra Spiraflo Heat Exchanger/Condenser.

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• Easy maintenance and inspection Mono-and multitube heat exchangers Tetra Pak, , PROTECTS WHAT´S GOOD, Tetra Alex, Tetra Therm, Tetra Plex and Tetra Spiraflo are trademarks belonging to the Tetra Pak Group. Open the catalog to page 3 All Tetra Pak catalogs and technical brochures Experiments were conducted to determine the characteristics of ice flows through industrial heat exchangers (a Tetra Plex ® C6-SR and a Tetra Spiraflo ® MTC70/W-3). This type of equipment presents many problems with respect to cleaning and is therefore of particular interest when considering a pigging system using ice slurry. Tetra Pak genuine spare parts for aseptic filling machine models TBA3, TBA8, TBA9, TBA19, TBA21, TBA22, A3, A3/Flex are daily business for us. Spare parts for these process equipment ranges are also available: Tetra Therm Aseptic Flex, Tetra Spiraflo®, Tetra Alex®, Tetra VTIS, Tetra ALCIP®, Tetra ALSAFE®.

dia. x 20 ft.

Den här linjen är utformad för hög effektivitet och innehåller vår effektiva och uthålliga tubvärmeväxlare Spiraflow. Genom optimerade processer förlängs 

Tetra Pak Spiraflo 9 Pass HTST Multi-Tube Heat Exchanger Mfg: Tetra Pak Model: MTR 154/19x25c-6-2/2 Stock No: RCJF396.50 Serial No: 183262 . Tetra Pak Spiraflo HTST Multi-tube Heat Exchanger. Model: MTR 154/19x25c-6-2/2.

Tetra spiraflo

At MachinePoint we have the greatest selection of used Pretreatment machines in excellent condition. Check their technical specifications now

Tetra spiraflo

Check their technical specifications now TetraPak Spiraflow Tubular Heat Exchanger, Includes Gas/Pressure Gauges, Flow Control / Relief Valve, 5-Pass SystemSistema de Calentamiento y Enfriado; marca Tetra pak modelo Tetra Spiraflo, Incluye tubería, válvula de gas y Manómetros, control de Flujo y Válvula de alivio. (Av. Our staff has thorough know-how of following Tetra Pak® process equipment: Tetra Therm Aseptic Flex, Tetra Spiraflo®, Tetra Alex®, Tetra VTIS®, Tetra ALCIP®, Tetra ALSAFE®. Please be informed that we do also accept installation and commissioning missions for machinery which was not purchased from our company.

Tetra spiraflo

Resulting capabilities are set to improve quality consistency, enhance efficiency and reduce variability, redefining industry performance metrics 3.2 Tetra SpirafloTM 1998 and Tetra Spiraflo® 2009 ..15 3.3 Product matrix..16 Tetra Spirafl o C comprises a family of the following single-pass shell-and-tube heat exchangers: • Tetra Spirafl o CD, double tube, for multipurpose thermal treatment of particulate products. • Tetra Spirafl o CM, multitube heat exchangers for thermal treatment of most liquid products. • Tetra Spirafl o CMR, multitube for product-to-product Tetra Spiraflo is a Trademark by Tetra Laval Holdings & Finance S.A., the address on file for this trademark is Avenue General-Guisan 70, Ch-1009 Pully At MachinePoint you can purchase used Heat-Exchanger TETRA SPIRAFLO Multitube TB Year: 2001 machines with guaranteed secure transaction process. Tetra Pak, , PROTECTS WHAT´S GOOD, Tetra Alex, Tetra Therm, Tetra Plex and Tetra Spiraflo are trademarks belonging to the Tetra Pak Group. Open the catalog to page 3 All Tetra Pak catalogs and technical brochures Hello, does anybody have some experience with a Tetra Spiraflo tubular heat exchanger .
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Tetra spiraflo

Tetra Spiraflo CIP Heater ? Tubular heat exchangers for heating of CIP solutions Application To heat CIP solutions in-line from CIP station, with steam as heating  Page 1 of the latest trademarks from Tetra Laval Holdings & Finance S.A. from Trademarkia, the largest trademark search engine. Offer number 20-50-02.

Tetra Lactenso™ Aseptic For direct UHT treatment in tubular or plate heat ex-changers, available as a separate unit or as an integrated part of a Tetra Lactenso Aseptic dairy production solution, with guaranteed performance. Application Aseptic processing unit for continuous UHT treatment with direct steam injection.
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9000 We reserve the right to introduce design modifications. Tetra Pak, , PROTECTS WHAT´S GOOD, Tetra Alex, Tetra Therm, Tetra Plex and Tetra Spiraflo are 

(THE). 22 was invested in which also is a Tetra Spiraflo and this one is named Pasteurizer 52. Both machines can be seen in figure 3.1. These two pasteurizers were  I Sverige är Tetrapak.com rankad som 5 213, med ett uppskattat värde av 41 599 månatliga besökare per månad.

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Offer number 20-50-02. Description Skid mounted tubular cooler. Manufacturer Tetra Spiraflow. Type MT-108/19x16c-2. Capacity 3.000 - 6.000 liter per hour.

Even specialty equipment, for example format conversion kits, paper trolleys, superstructure holders and paper roll turning devices up to warehouse forklifts are supplied. TETRA SPIRAFLO is a trademark of Tetra Laval Holdings & Finance S.A.. Filed in March 11 (2002), the TETRA SPIRAFLO covers TUBULAR HEAT EXCHANGERS Processors have been using Alfa Laval technology for more then 100 years.